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Ordering example

A customer needs a gas relay of type 80 (CF 38) with a cable gland M20 x 1.5. The switching system is to be provided with two switching elements (magnet contact tubes) designed as NO contacts. The protective device is to operate at two different switching points, namely gas volumes of 200 and 400 cm³. Furthermore, the device should be delivered in the color RAL 7033 as well as with a mini ball valve as bleeder valve, which should be secured with a seal. Additionaly, the gas relay should be equipped with a factory-set pressure pressure switch and switch at an overpressure of 0.25 bar.

Accordingly, the relay ordered has the following

Type code: 80 – – 0423

80 = Gas relay of type 80 (CF 38)
1 = M20x1.5: 1 cable gland and 1 dummy plug
14 = With safety seal for the bleeder valve
25 = Switching system equipped with 2 magnet contact tubes
29AC = With mini ball valve as bleeding valve and
             without hinged lids for sightglasses
44 = Casing colour RAL 7033 (cement-grey)
63B25 = Pressure switch with factory-set switching pressure from 0,25 bar
04 = Switching point at gas volumes of 200 cm³ and 400 cm³
2 = First switching point = 200 cm³ contact 1
      Second switching point = 400 cm³ contact 2
3 = Contact setting of switching system:
      Contact 1 = NO contact
      Contact 2 = NO contact


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