Electronic ballasts

Well in excess of 500,000 electronic ballasts made by EMB have operated reliably in a wide range of vehicles for more than 40 years now.

Electronic ballasts for vehicle manufacturing

Our electronic ballasts have been developed specifically for use in rail vehicles, ships and buses. They can be used to operate a variety of lamp types, even with DC voltage systems.

They provide the essential ignition and operating voltage required for illumination. The preheating time of the fluorescent lamps compensates for any fluctuations in ambient temperature. Each component is carefully designed to cope with the considerable range of technical requirements to which it will be exposed. Prior to delivery, every device is thoroughly tested. Our ballasts can handle any abnormal operational state, such as short circuits, idle mode, defective lamp electrodes or polarity reversal in the input port.

They provide the following benefits:

  • Greater light yield thanks to higher frequencies (10-15 % higher than with 50 Hz operation)
  • Flicker-free ignition and operation
  • A longer service life for fluorescent lamps thanks to variable preheating times
  • A high degree of efficiency, leading to low self-heating and a longer service life for the components
  • Lower maintenance costs, as the lamps last longer and need to be replaced less frequently
  • Easy to handle for service and repair work

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