Since its foundation, the company has lived through an eventful history with regard to forms of ownership, affiliation, and the changes of name associated with such developments.


1863   Foundation of the company as a sugar factory

1921   Invention of the Buchholz relay by Max Buchholz

1943   Branch of SIEMENS Magdeburg

1948   VEB Elektromotorenwerk Barleben; VEM (state-owned firm)

1951   VEB Starkstromanlagenbau Magdeburg (state-owned firm)

1951   Start of manufacture of Buchholz relays in Barleben

1965   Start of manufacture of monitoring relays for tap changers in Barleben

1970   VEB Elektrotechnik und Gerätebau Magdeburg; EGEM (state-owned firm)

1980   VEB Kombinat Elektromaschinenbau Dresden; VEB Elektromotorenwerk Barleben; VEM; ELMO (state-owned firm)

1990   VEM Antriebstechnik AG Dresden; Elektromotorenwerk Barleben GmbH; VEM; ELMO (public limited company)

1993   Elektromotoren und Gerätebau Barleben GmbH; EMB (privately-owned company)

2005   Start of manufacture of Buchholz relays (NM series)

2009   New premises in Barleben

2015   Acquisition of the Buchholz relay production line from Koncar, Croatia


In 2009, EMB GmbH moved to its new location in the "Technologiepark Ostfahlen" in Barleben.

A modern company building with a production area of 4,500 m² and an office complex were built on an 18,000 m² site.