Traction Transformer Safety by EMB

Why more and more Buchholz Relays are used on Traction Transformers?

SAFETY FIRST: Detected Failure gases immediately!

EXTENDED LIFETIME: Detect air and leakages early!

REACT EARLY: Avoid downtime or even hazards before they happen!

SAFE COSTS: Use one device instead of a pressure relief valve & a filling level sensor plus detect gas accumulations at the same time!


Why is an Onsite Buchholz Gas Analysis needed?

Distinguish between dangerous failure gases and air intake within minutes!

Buchholz Relay BB 25

Your Advantages

  • Especially designed for traction transformers
  • Reliable and early detection of gas accumulation in the transformer
  • Operation free of interferences even with changing angles of inclination due to special flange assembly on the Relais
  • 4M6 certified with highest shock & vibration resistance
  • Following DIN EN 60721-3-4:2018
  • According to DIN CLC/TS 50537-4:2011-04
  • Also suitable Buchholz relays BF 50/10, BG 25 & BG 25 S

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Buchholzgas tester BGT 4

Your Advantages

  • Measuring and analysis of failure gas directly on site
  • Detection & analysis of H2, CO, CO2, C2H2, CH4+
  • Enables to decide about the continuous operation of the transformer
  • Easy handling via touch display
  • Including BGS for safe and easy gas sampling

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