EMB Buchholz relay according to new IEC standard 60076-22-1: 2019

The updated IEC 60076-22-1: 2019 was published in January 2019 and includes the latest standards and requirements for protection devices of power transformers and choke coils. The part 22-1 covers all safety-relevant accessories for transformers and coils with the function of signaling abnormal operating conditions. In addition, the operating requirements are outlined for each accessory.


One of the most important mounting parts for transformers is the Buchholz relay. It detects failures in the transformer in shape of gas accumulation, oil loss or oil surge. In the case of an event, the operator is immediately warned of a fault, or the Buchholz relay switches off the transformer immediately, in order to avoid further damages.


Without exception, all EMB Buchholz relays comply with all mechanical and electrical requirements of the new IEC standard. In particular with regard to its safety-related functionality, EMB places the highest demands on the fulfillment of the requirements at IEC 60076-22-1:2019 and beyond.
In parallel, all EMB Buchholz relays comply with DIN EN 50216-2 (accessories for transformers and inductors).



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